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Instrument Rental Prices

*Open-Hole Flute


Wooden Clarinet


Alto Sax






**Trombone w/F-attachment


Bell/Pad Kit


*Monthly rental prices for flutes with sterling silver head joints are $35/month (Yamaha YFL-382, Yamaha YFL-362, Jupiter JFL-1000RBO)

**Monthly rental prices for Trombone w/F-Attachment is $45/month for most brands and models but vary with Eastman and Getzen models

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Rental Plan Options

Option # 1 -Month-to-month Rent-to-own

Option # 2 -Pay 10 Months Upfront, Get 2 Months Free

No long term contracts, No interest, No finance charges, No hidden fees

About The Instruments

Instrument Brands/Models – We work with your child’s band directors and supply only the brands and models of instruments that they recommend on their list and approve. These brands include Yamaha, Buffet, Jupiter, Selmer, Bach, King, Getzen, Eastman, Gemeinhardt, Di Zhao, Innovative Percussion, and Pearl.

Mouthpiece and Ligature – All instruments include the mouthpiece and ligature (if applicable) that are recommended by your child’s band director.

Maintenance/Repair Plans

Standard Maintenance Plan

Includes the following:

Does not include repairs due to neglect or willful misuse of the instrument or damage to the mouthpiece or case.

Traveling Maintenance Plan (available at many of the schools)

Includes the same features as the Standard Maintenance Plan plus we go to your child’s school twice per year to service your child’s instrument. These visits are pre-scheduled with the band directors and we work on all of the instruments at a school on the same day.

Accessory Packs

Beginner band accessories required by the band directors are available as a Beginner Accessory Pack. The beginner accessory packs include all of the supplies that are required by the band director at your child’s school and are priced at a large discount. They vary in price based on the instrument and the school that the child attends.

Instrument and Accessories Delivery

For all instrument orders placed before the delivery deadline for the districts and schools listed, we deliver instruments and supplies to the schools before the first day of instruction on the instrument. Most of these deliveries are made during the week before school starts. If you have any questions about delivery or if you need to arrange early pick-up at the store due to  private lessons, please call the store at 214-383-4885.

You can start the online instrument rental process by selecting your school district’s tab at the top-left of this page.


When do the monthly rental payments start?
The first month’s rental payment is made when filling out the instrument rental contract to reserve the instrument. The regular monthly payments start in the month after the instrument is delivered to the school or picked up from our store. The payments are due on the 5th, 15th, or 25th of the month depending on the date that the instrument was delivered or picked up.
If my child signs up for private lessons before school starts, can I get my instrument early?
Yes. Just call us up after you have talked to the private teacher and scheduled the first lesson. We will then prep up an instrument and schedule a day for you to pick up the instrument at our shop. Typically, we schedule the pick-up day for the day before the first lesson so the child will have the instrument in plenty of time for the first lesson, but not have it so early that he/she will possibly get anxious and pull out the instrument to try to make a sound before they have received professional instruction.
What if I place my order after the deadline for school delivery for my child’s school?

These orders will be available for pick up at our shop on the following business day in most cases. Call before you come to confirm that your order is ready.

If you live outside our local area, we can ship the instrument directly to your child’s school for a one-time shipping fee.

If my child switches instruments, do payments that I made on the original instrument transfer over to the second instrument?

Yes. Up to 12 monthly payments made on the first instrument will transfer over as credit or equity that can be used toward the purchase of the second instrument.

What do we do with the instrument at the end of the school year?

If your child is continuing in band for the next school year, keep the instrument over the summer so your child will have the opportunity to continue to play the instrument and master the concepts learned during the school year and continue to advance in preparing for the next school year. (If you return the instrument to our shop, your contract will end and you will lose all of the credit or equity toward the purchase of the instrument meaning that you would start all over with a new contract and your first payment going into the next school year.)

If your child is not continuing in band, you need to return the instrument to our shop. At that time, we will check in the instrument and close out your account. If there is any outstanding balance, it will need to be paid at that time. The child should not leave the instrument at the school.

For schools outside of our immediate area (Paris, Mansfield, HEB, Round Rock, Leander, and Del Valle) we schedule a day with the band director at the end of the school year when we come to pick up instruments for students whose parents have contacted us to tell us to pick up the instruments.