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Maintenance/Repair Plan

  • The Standard Maintenance/Repair Plan covers all periodic maintenance and tune-ups as well as basic repairs on the instrument that are required to keep the instrument performing properly. This does not include damage due to neglect or willful misuse/abuse of the instrument or mouthpiece damage or damage to the case – such damage repair will be paid for by the renter signing the contract.  The cost is $5.00/month (plus tax) for brass instruments and $6.00/month (plus tax) for woodwind instruments and is added to the monthly payment amount. Free Loaner Instruments will be available during the repair period if overnight repairs are necessary.
  • The Traveling Maintenance/Repair Plan includes the same benefits as the Standard Maintenance/Repair Plan plus once each semester we will drive to your child’s school during school hours and perform regular maintenance and necessary repairs on your child’s instrument! We service all of the instruments at a school on the same day and these service visits are scheduled with the band director. This plan is available at many, but not all schools. The cost is an additional $1.00/month over the Standard Plan.


Rental Plans

There are two types of rental plans.

1) Rent-To-Own Plan –you pay monthly rental payments with 100% of the rent being applied to the purchase of the instrument you are renting. You may buy this instrument at any time and receive a 15% discount off the remaining balance.

All instruments are classified into one of the following categories:

  • Previously Used –moderate usage and wear
  • Nearly New –minimal usage and wear
  • New
The number of payments for ownership is as follows:
Previously Used Nearly New New
Flute –Open Hole
30 payments
39 payments
48 payments
Flute w/sterling silver head joint                 30 payments               39 payments              48 payments
Clarinet –Wooden
36 payments
45 payments
54 payments
Alto Sax
36 payments
45 payments
54 payments
36 payments
45 payments
54 payments
30 payments
39 payments
48 payments
Trombone with F-Attachment
36 payments
 45 payments
 54 payments
 Percussion Bell/Pad Kit                 20 payments         
25 payments

2) Equity Plan -you rent an instrument and build equity toward the purchase of an instrument. Pay for 10 months upfront and receive 2 additional months FREE. You can purchase an instrument as follows:

  • -Apply 100% of the first year’s rent plus 60% of all additional rent toward the purchase of the instrument you are renting.

Equity may not be combined with other rentals’ equity. Renters whose instruments are stolen or badly damaged will lose any equity accrued up to the purchase price of the instrument.

All contracts are considered month-to-month. No long term contract. There are no finance charges, interest, or hidden fees. You may return the instrument in good condition to us at any time and your rental contract ends when we receive the instrument.

  • If you return the instrument before the end of the end of the school year and you selected the 2 months free payment option, you will receive a refund for any full months remaining of the 10 months that were prepaid.
  • All instruments have been cleaned, and have been fully adjusted.
  • Students who switch instruments during their first year of renting will have up to 12 months of rental payments from their first instrument applied to the payoff of the second rental instrument.  

Payment/Past Due Account Policy

  • Initial Monthly Rental Payment is due at the time of completing the contract prior to receiving the instrument.
  • Renter must immediately notify THE BAND CONNECTION if the credit card on file has been taken out of service. In this case, the renter must provide a new credit card for payment purposes.
  • All monthly rental payments are due received either on the 5th, 15th, or 25th of each month depending on the date the instrument was delivered to the school or the date that the instrument was picked up from the shop.
  • Past Due Accounts: A $5 late fee will be added to unpaid invoices that are 5 days past due. This includes credit card payments that cannot be processed due to the credit card being declined or due to the credit card having expired. Past due amounts and late fees of 10 days or longer will be charged to any credit card we have on file for the renter.
  • In cases of non-payment and/or relocation of the renter without a forwarding address, THE BAND CONNECTION reserves the right to charge the remaining balance of the purchase price of the instrument to any credit card we have on file for the renter.
  • THE BAND CONNECTION reserves the right to use any remedy deemed necessary (including lawsuit) to take possession of the unreturned rental instruments and to collect all past due rental fees, late fees, legal fees, and collection costs. Possession of an instrument owned by THE BAND CONNECTION constitutes acceptance of the terms of this contract.
  • There will be a $25.00 fee for returned checks.

Instrument Return

  • All rental instruments remain the property of THE BAND CONNECTION until all payments have been made to purchase the instrument.
  • Instruments may be returned in good condition to THE BAND CONNECTION at any time at which time the contract ends and payments stop. Any past due balance must be paid in full when the instrument is returned.
  • No pro-rated partial payments will be accepted and no pro-rated refunds will be made for the last payment processed on a returned instrument from the month-to-month rent-to-own plan.
  • Damage to the instrument, mouthpiece, or case will result in a minimum charge of $50 and up to the amount of the remaining balance of the instrument, cost of the mouthpiece, and/or cost of the case if any of these is damaged beyond repair.
  • Renters will be responsible for paying the amount of the remaining balance for instruments that are not returned due to theft or any other disappearance of the instrument. This charge is due for payment when the loss is reported.
  • Non-payment of any charges incurred as a result of circumstances listed in the previous items may result in your credit card being charged the due amount.
  • All repairs must be performed or authorized by THE BAND CONNECTION during the rental period.

Assignment of Contract
This contract is fully assignable. THE BAND CONNECTION may without notice, assign this contract.